Wellington College wins Premier B Grand Final

On Tuesday September 15 the Grand Final of the Premier B competition for the Fred McComish Cup was held at Parliament hosted by Paul Foster-Bell MP.

The topic was: This house regrets societal norms of monogamy

Wellington College (Ben Stockton, Hansaka Ranaweera, Timothy Rutherford, Jack Roberts (Reserve) affirmed the motion and St Patrick’s College, Wellington negated (Augustine Lee, Tom Hall, Jack Turnbull).

After a great debate, Wellington College were declared the victors.

Thanks to adjudicators Emma Smith, Scott Fletcher, and James Gavey for adjudicating, and also Oscar Battell-Wallace for convening the grade this year.


HIBS wins Senior Certificate 2015

The Senior Certificate grade final for the Rennie Cup was held at Parliament on Thursday 10 September.

The topic was: That Western media should refuse to publish images of Mohammed

Hutt International Boys’ School affirmed the motion and Wellington East Girls’ negated.

The debate was a good one. HIBS were declared the victors in a unanimous decision, winning the Rennie Cup for the first time.

11990539_933370970043122_567247031696697196_nWinning HIBS team with Parliamentary host and President of the WSU, Chris Bishop MP

Wellington East Girls’ College wins Junior Premier Grade

The Junior Premier Grand Final was held at Parliament last night hosted by Chris Bishop MP, and President of the Wellington Speaking Union.

The topic was:

That we should refuse to hold major sports events in countries with poor human rights records

St Catherine’s College (Sophia Zandi, Kaira Scheck and Catharina Lee) affirmed the motion.

Wellington East Girls’ College (Ivana Emer, Isla Turner-Holmes and Isabel Holbrow) negated.

After a great and close debate, Wellington East were declared the winners in a 2-1 split decision.

Congratulations to them and their coaches Maureen MacIver and Amy Campbell.

Wellington East win the WGT Wiggs Cup – the school’s first victory of this prestigious trophy.


 Thanks to judges Chris Bishop, Emma Smith and Tamara Jenkin for adjudicating.


Wellington High School wins Premier A 2015

The Premier A Grand Final for the Henning Cup was held last night at Parliament hosted by Chris Bishop MP.

The topic for the final was:

That if the technology to erase memories were invented, this House would destroy it

After a great debate, the winning team was the affirmative, Wellington High School:

Winners Wellington High School

Jack Comer-Hudson
Eddyn Perkins-Treacher
Shakked Noy










Runners-Up: Scots College

Peter McKenzie
Connor Slattery
Adam Sangster

The winner of the Suffrage Cup for Best Speaker in the Grand Final was Shakked Noy from Wellington High.


Thanks to Julia Wells who has done a great job convening the grade this year and to the judges for last night, WSU alumni Richard D’Ath, Emma Smith and Nicholas Gavey.

Inaugural Wellington BP Champs

On the weekend the Wellington Speaking Union held the inaugural Wellington BP Debating Champs, which will hopefully become an annual fixture. Twelve teams entered the tournament, which was held at Wellington High School. It was great to see a mixture of university debaters, secondary school debaters, and adult debaters all debating in the tournament.

After three rounds, the top four teams contested the final: Asher Emanuel & Jodie O’Neill, Nick Cross & Aric Shakur, Ihaia Tichborne & Tyrone Barugh, and Joe Connell & Cameron Price.

The Grand Final topic was: “This House would implement a statutory discount for sentences decided by judges and juries for criminals from historically oppressed racial minorities.” After a great debate, the Closing Government team – Nick Cross & Aric Shakur – were declared the winners in a 2-1 decision.

The top five speakers of the tournament were:

1. Asher Emanuel
2. Joe Connell
3. Udayan Mukherjee
4. Jodie O’Neill
5= Aric Shakur
5= Cameron Price

Thanks to all who entered, and to Christopher Bishop, Stephen Whittington and Richard D’Ath who acted as judges over the course of the day.

Connell/Mukherjee win Vic Shield 2013

Last night the WSU held the Victoria Shield impromptu debating competition for 2013 at Wellington High School.

The winners were Joe Connell and Udayan Mukherjee, who defeated Victoria University (Asher Emanuel and Jodie O’Neill) in the Grand Final in a 4-1 decision.

The topics for each round are below.

Round One:

  • That major sports should be broadcast free to air
  • That we should ban alcohol sponsorship of sport in NZ

Round Two:

  • That gay pride marches’ (like the Hero parade) time has passed
  • This House would mandate the use of condoms in pornography

Round Three:

  • That the Treaty settlement process has failed urban Maori
  • That there should be a lower minimum wage for Maori and other minorities

Grand Final:

  • That on the 10 year anniversary of the Iraq War, this House regrets the War
  • That the West should aggressively fund de-Stalinisation programs in Russia run by NGOs.

Thanks to all who took part.

Wellington College win Premier A

Congrats to Wellington College who last night won their first Premier A title since 2004 in front of a packed crowd at Turnbull House. Wellington College successfully negated “This House would prohibit price gouging after natural disasters”.

Commiserations to St Mary’s College, the runners-up.

Edward Foley from Wellington College won the Suffrage Cup for Best Speaker in the Grand Final.

Parliamentary Shield 2011

Parliamentary Shield 2011 was held on Saturday 4 June at Victoria University. Six teams entered the tournament, and the standard was exceptionally high, with Australs and Worlds finalists making up a number of teams.

Three rounds of debates were held, after which the leaderboard looked as follows:

  • Team Waikato (Christopher Bishop, Josh Baxter, Stephen Whittington) – 3 wins
  • Team Coll Boys (Seb Templeton, Richard D’Ath, Udayan Mukherjee) – 2 wins
  • Team Cup Runneth Over (Jenna Raeburn, Hugh McCaffrey, Clodagh O’Connor-McKenna) – 2 wins
  • Vic Two (Asher Emanuel, Paul Smith, Holly Jenkins) – 1 win
  • Vic Three (Alex Sinclair, Olivia Hall, Eddie Foley) – 1 win
  • Team Naustrals (Duncan McLachlan, Aric Shakur, Cameron Price) – 0 wins

The top two teams progressed through to the Grand Final on the motion “That benefit payments should be tied to children’s health and education outcomes”. Team Waikato (affirming) took on the Coll Boys after they narrowly edged out “Cup Runneth Over” on speaker points.

After an excellent debate, the Chief Adjudicator Polly Higbee declared that Team Waikato were the winners, in a 2-1 split decision.

The best speaker of the tournament, winning the Ben O’Connor Plate, was Stephen Whittington.

Thanks to Polly Higbee, Daniel Wilson and Johanna McDavitt for adjudicating during the weekend, and everyone to entering.