Author: Ailidh Leslie

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    2016 draw test junior cert

  • 2016 Junior Certificate Prepared Motions

    Junior Certificate Topics and Dates 2016   Round One Wed 16 March Full Preparation That New Zealand should change the flag. Round Two Wed 6 April Full Preparation That we rely too much on social media Round Three Wed 4 May Limited  Preparation Topic to be announced on the day Round Four Wed 18 May […]

  • Stockley Cup and Dunsheath Plate 2015

      This years Stokley Cup and Dunsheath Plate were both held at Marsden last week. With 20 speeches over the course of the night we had a great turn out and a terrific competition. As ever, speeches were very diverse, with topics ranging from international relations, to child care and, weather we all live inside the Matrix. […]