About Us

The Wellington Speaking Union was formed in the very early years of the 20th Century and was known by the title “Wellington Federation of Debating and Speaking Clubs”. In its very early years it numbered many affiliations which have since lapsed, including many Church and social groups. In 1934 the name was changed to “The Wellington Speaking Union”.

The Wellington Speaking Union today is a registered charity. It organises competitions for debating and public speaking in Wellington. In particular, the WSU coordinates the five intercollegiate debating grades in Wellington.

The Executive for 2020

President: Tamara Jenkin
Treasurer: Ailidh Leslie
Secretary: Oscar Battell-Wallace

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Previous Presidents

2019: Tamara Jenkin
2018: Ailidh Leslie
2017: Julia Wells
2016: Julia Wells
2015: Christopher Bishop
2014: Daniel Wilson
2013: Daniel Wilson
2012: Sebastian Templeton
2011: Stephen Whittington
2010: Stephen Whittington
2009: Christopher Bishop

Previous Treasurers

2019: Maddy Nash
2018: Christopher Bishop
2017: Christopher Bishop
2016: Christopher Bishop
2013: Christopher Bishop
2011: Christopher Bishop
2010: Christopher Bishop
2009: Stephen Whittington

Previous Secretaries

2019: Ailidh Leslie
2018: Maddy Nash
2017: Maddy Nash
2016: Maddy Nash
2015: Maddy Nash
2013: Ella Edginton
2011: Daniel Wilson
2010: David Dewar
2009: David Dewar