Junior Certificate Debating 2014 – First Debate

Hi 2014 Junior Certificate Debaters

By now most of you will have had your first debate – and we hoped you had fun with the motion – that NZ should ban domestic cats.

The team who won the debate needs to remember to upload the results at http://new.wsu.co.nz/resources/results

There are a number of teams who for some reason or other have postponed their debates.     It is better to postpone rather than default BUT you can only do this for the fully prepared debates – as the Limited Prep and impromptu debates MUST be done on the day.   All postponed debates must be completed within the week.

Junior Certificate Dates 2014
Round One Wed 5 March Full Preparation
Round Two Wed 2 April Full Preparation
Round Three Wed 14 May Limited  Preparation
Round Four Wed 4 June Impromptu
Round Five Wed 25 June Limited  Preparation
Octo-finals Wed 30 July To be advised
Quarter Finals Wed 20 August To be advised
Semi Finals Wed 3 September To be advised
Grand Finals Wed 17 September Full Preparation

If you need to contact me about any debating issue regarding junior certificate – please do at [email protected]





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