Premier A Round 3

Hello all

The motions for round three of Prem A were:

  • That the Emergency Contraceptive Pill should be available for free, without prescription, from all pharmacies.
  • This house would stop all government funding for health care issues that develop as a result of long term substance abuse.
  • That the sale of organs should be legalised.

The results are below. The winners are marked in bold:

Premier A Round 2

The results for round two are below. The winners of each debate are marked in bold.

Marsden Wellington High
Coll Chilton
HVHS Scots
East St Caths
St Pats St Bernard’s
St Mary’s Wellington Girls

Junior Premier – Round One

The results for Round One of Junior Premier are as follows.

Winners are listed on the left.
Sacred Heart College v Hutt International Boys’ School
St Bernard’s College v Hutt Valley High School
St Oran’s College v Chilton St James School
Tawa College v Bishop Viard College
Kapiti College v Aotea College
Wellington College v Wellington East Girls’ College
Wellington High School v St Mary’s College
St Catherine’s College v St Patrick’s College Wellington
Scots College v Queen Margaret College
Wellington Girls’ College had a BYE

Adjudicator and Coaching Workshops

Hi all,

This year’s adjudicator and coaching workshops for teachers and senior students will be held on Tuesday 28th Feb (adjudication) and Tuesday 6th March (coaching). Both will be held at 6pm at Turnbull House, opposite Parliament on Bowen Street.

Hope to see many of you there!


WSU Entries 2012

Hi all,

Welcome to school debating with the Wellington Speaking Union for 2012. All schools have been emailed a welcome letter which outlines how to sign up for grades this year. You can also download that below. Entries are due by Friday 17th February and are filled out at

WSU Invitation Letter 2012


Sebastian Templeton
WSU President
Intercollegiate Coordinator 2012

Wellington College win Premier A

Congrats to Wellington College who last night won their first Premier A title since 2004 in front of a packed crowd at Turnbull House. Wellington College successfully negated “This House would prohibit price gouging after natural disasters”.

Commiserations to St Mary’s College, the runners-up.

Edward Foley from Wellington College won the Suffrage Cup for Best Speaker in the Grand Final.

Premier A Grand Final

The Premier A Grand Final will be held between St Mary’s College (affirming) and Wellington College (negating). The final will be held at 6:45 on Monday 19th September at Turnbull House, opposite Parliament.

The topic for the Grand Final is:

This House would prohibit price gouging after natural disasters

Senior Prem B Final

The finalists of Prem B have been determined so congratulations to Wellington High School and Scots College for being the top two teams in the grade this year. They will debate for the Fred McComish Trophy on Monday 12 September at Turnbull House starting at 7pm. The debate will be on the motion “That we should abolish all government restrictions and ratings on the content of entertainment media” with Wellington High affirming and Scots negating.

People are welcome to come and watch what should be an excellent occasion between two strong teams. There will be light refreshments served after the debate. Hope to see many of you there!

URGENT: Prem A Quarters Postponed

Hi all,

I have been contacted by a number of schools who are closed today and can’t make it tonight due to the weather and dangers of being stranded in the city. On top of that the weather forecast for this evening looks particularly bad and people are being warned to stay off the roads if they can – especially those coming in and out of the city.

As such we’ll be postponing the quarter-finals until next Tuesday 23rd August, still being held at St Mary’s College. I understand that this clashes with Premier B but there isn’t much other option, and that shouldn’t be too big an issue for people. However if you cannot make that date please let me know urgently and we can try to arrange an alternative time. However please make all efforts to have your teams available for that date.

The semi-finals will proceed as originally scheduled, on the 30th August. They are limited preparation so the postponement of tonight’s round won’t affect those.

Let me know if there are any issues, and good luck through the weather!


[email protected] / 0274284172