Impromptu Cup Past Winners


Past Winners of the Impromptu Cup Senior Grade

The winners of the senior grade at the Impromptu Cup tournament win the IMPS Trophy for secondary school impromptu debating, donated in memory of John Beasley. It was first presented in 1979.

2018: Wellington College
2017: Hutt International Boys School
2016: Wellington East Girls’ College
2015: Wellington High School
2014: Hutt Valley High School
2013: Hutt International Boys School
2012: Wellington College
2011: Wellington College
2010: Wellington College
2009: Samuel Marsden Collegiate
2008: Samuel Marsden Collegiate
2007: Samuel Marsden Collegiate
2006: (Not sure)
2005: (Not sure)
2004: (Not sure)
2003: (Not sure)
2002: (Not sure)
2001: (Not sure)
2000: (Not sure)
1999: (Not sure)
1998: (Not sure)
1997: Wellington Girls’ College
1996: Onslow College
1995: Wellington College
1994: St Patrick’s College / St Catherine’s College (combined)
1993: St Patrick’s College, Silverstream
1992: St Patrick’s College, Silverstream
1991: St Patrick’s College, Wellington
1990: Hutt Valley High School
1989: St Patrick’s College, Wellington
1988: St Mary’s College
1987: St Patrick’s College, Silverstream
1986: Wellington College
1985: St Patrick’s College, Wellington
1984: Hutt Valley High School
1983: Wellington Girls’ College
1982: Wellington Girls’ College
1981: Wellington College
1980: St Mary’s College
1979: St Mary’s College

Past Winners of the Impromptu Cup Junior Grade

The winners of the junior grade at the Impromptu Cup tournament are presented with The Evening Post trophy for junior impromptu debating. Unfortunately, the original cup was misplaced in 2004, so we have very few records before that year. If you know who won the competition in the years we are missing, please contact us.

2018: Wellington Girls’ College
2017: (Not sure)
2016: (Not sure)
2015: (Not sure)
2014: Wellington College
2013: Wellington High School
2012: Wellington High School
2011: Wellington College
2010: Wellington College
2009: Scots College
2008: Wellington College
2007: Wellington College
2006: Samuel Marsden Collegiate School
2005: Sacred Heart College
2004: St Catherine’s College
2003: Wellington Girls’ College
2002: Not held.
2001: Wellington East Girls’ College

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