1. Unfortunately we do not have a second junior cert team but still have HVHS 1 in the competition. HVHS 2 was due to debate HIBS 2 so that debate can’t happen – we’re very sorry about that.
    HVHS 1 is due to debate HIBS 3 and we look forward to hosting that debate tomorrow.

  2. Hi
    Is there a debating competition or training for Intermediate school students in Wellington?
    Thank you

  3. Hi, I notice that whilst the there is some history of adult debating, the WSU currently seems to handle only school debates. Are there clubs or events for adults that you know of besides the Victoria University debating society? Thanks, Heather

  4. Hello there,

    concerning the senior certificate draw, I was wondering if Sacred Heart college Lower Hutt has made it into the quater finals. If so, against whom, and where?

    Thgank you


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  6. Would you be able to tell me if there are any debating clubs for adults in the Wellington? Your advice would be appreciated.
    Gavin Dillon

  7. Hi – would you be able to give me information on the Stockley Cup please. Our normal school contact person has left our school. Thank you

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