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  • Connell/Mukherjee win Vic Shield 2013

    Last night the WSU held the Victoria Shield impromptu debating competition for 2013 at Wellington High School. The winners were Joe Connell and Udayan Mukherjee, who defeated Victoria University (Asher Emanuel and Jodie O’Neill) in the Grand Final in a 4-1 decision. The topics for each round are below. Round One: That major sports should […]

  • Victoria Shield 2011

    Yesterday the WSU held its annual impromptu debating tournament, open to all to enter. Thanks to Samuel Marsden for providing the venue for the day. Nine teams entered the competition. It was particularly pleasing to see some school students enter, as well as some people from Auckland. The standard of debating was very high, with […]

  • Vic Shield 2011

    On Saturday 16 April, the Wellington Speaking Union will be holding Victoria Shield, an impromptu debating competition. It is run in the Easters style, and is open to all to enter. Entry is free. Past winners can be found here. There will be four rounds, semis, and a final.  It will not be knock out […]

  • Vic Shield 2010

    The Victoria Shield (formerly known as Management Cup) impromptu debating tournament was held at Victoria University last night, with eleven teams entering. The winners of the competition were Clodagh O’Connor-McKenna and Paul Smith, who defeated Ihaia Tichborne and Peter McCaffrey in the Grand Final, affirming the topic “That there should be a minimum price on […]

  • Clouston/Miller win Vic Shield 2009

    Last night the Victoria Sheld impromptu debating tournament was held at Victoria University. Eight highly competitive teams started the tournament, which ran on a knock-out basis. The semi-finals featured veterans Ranald Clouston and Neil Miller against up-and-coming Vic debaters Udayan Mukherjee and Paul Smith, with Clouston and Miller prevailing in a 2-1 decision, arguing that neo-liberalism has had […]

  • Victoria Shield 2009

    The Victoria Shield is an impromptu debating competition open to anyone in Wellington. It is organised by the Wellington Speaking Union and has been run since 1969. For a list of past winners, see   The tournament is run in Easters style (teams of two, a coin toss to determine topic and sides and […]

  • Victoria University win Victoria Shield

    A team from Victoria University (Gareth Richards and Yogesh Patel) won the Victoria Shield tonight, defeating Joe Connell and Kevin Moar in the final. 12 teams gathered at the Victoria University Student Union Building to compete in this impromptu knock-out competition. Special congratulations to Maria English and Holly Jenkins, who reached the semi-finals despite still being […]