Wellington East Girls’ College wins Junior Premier Grade

The Junior Premier Grand Final was held at Parliament last night hosted by Chris Bishop MP, and President of the Wellington Speaking Union.

The topic was:

That we should refuse to hold major sports events in countries with poor human rights records

St Catherine’s College (Sophia Zandi, Kaira Scheck and Catharina Lee) affirmed the motion.

Wellington East Girls’ College (Ivana Emer, Isla Turner-Holmes and Isabel Holbrow) negated.

After a great and close debate, Wellington East were declared the winners in a 2-1 split decision.

Congratulations to them and their coaches Maureen MacIver and Amy Campbell.

Wellington East win the WGT Wiggs Cup – the school’s first victory of this prestigious trophy.


 Thanks to judges Chris Bishop, Emma Smith and Tamara Jenkin for adjudicating.


WSU Entries 2012

Hi all,

Welcome to school debating with the Wellington Speaking Union for 2012. All schools have been emailed a welcome letter which outlines how to sign up for grades this year. You can also download that below. Entries are due by Friday 17th February and are filled out at http://www.wsu.co.nz/signups

WSU Invitation Letter 2012


Sebastian Templeton
WSU President
Intercollegiate Coordinator 2012

Junior Premier – Round One Results

Thanks to all teams for getting their results in so promptly. The affirmative teams tended to prevail in this round, which was on whether New Zealand needs a new flag.

The results below show the winning team in bold.

Sacred Heart v St Bernard’s
HIBS v St Oran’s
Chilton v St Pat’s (Silverstream)
St Pat’s (Town) v St Catherine’s
QMC v Tawa College
Wellington College v Scots College
St Mary’s v Hutt Valley High
Marsden v Wellington East Girls’
Wellington Girls’ – BYE

Key Documents for 2011

Below is a list of key documents for 2011.

WSU Intercollegiate Debating Calendar 2011

Premier A Letter, Draw and Topics – 2011

Premier B – Letter, Draw and Topics – 2011

Junior Premier – Letter, Draw and Topics – 2011

Junior Certificate – Letter, Draw and Topics – 2011

The Senior Certificate letter, draw and topics document will be posted asap.

The Results form can be accessed at: www.wsu.co.nz/results

Here’s a copy of the WSU Marksheet for 2011

Intercollegiate Debating – Full List of Results for 2010

Here is a full list of the results in intercollegiate debating and public speaking events this year.

Premier A Grade for the Henning Cup

  • Winners: Sacred Heart College
  • Runners-Up: Scots College

Premier B Grade for the Fred McComish Trophy

  • Winners: Chilton St James School
  • Runners-Up: Tawa College

Senior Certificate Grade for the Rennie Cup

  • Winners: Wellington East Girls’ College
  • Runners-Up: Wellington Girls’ College

Junior Premier Grade for the WGT Wiggs Cup

  • Winners: Sacred Heart College
  • Runners-Up: Hutt International Boys’ School

Junior Certificate Grade for the Wellington Speaking Union Cup

  • Winners: Paraparaumu College
  • Runners-Up: St Patrick’s College, Wellington

Impromptu Cup for the IMPS Trophy and The Evening Post Cup

  • Senior: Wellington College
  • Junior: Wellington College

Stockley Cup / Dunsheath Plate for Public Speaking

  •  Senior: Duncan McLachlan (Wellington College)
  • Junior: Daniel Gendall (Wellington College)

Congratulations to all of the above schools and individuals!

Sacred Heart College win Junior Premier Grade 2010

Sacred Heart College have won their second intercollegiate debating grade for 2010, after defeating Hutt International Boys’ School in the Junior Premier final last night at Turnbull House, winning the WGT Wiggs Cup.

The Sacred Heart team successfully affirmed the motion “That we should ban private health care”, winning in a 2-1 decision.

Congratulations to Maddy Nash,  Harriet Willis, Emma Leahy and Lexi Crosbie.

Commiserations to Prashan Casinader, Matthew Austin, Oliver Pooke, Matt Grenfell, Alexander Ryde and Samuel Williams.

The same Sacred Heart team also defeated the same HIBS team in the final of the Junior Certificate grade last year.

Junior Premier Grand Final

The Junior Premier Grade Grand Final will be held on October 27, with Sacred Heart College affiming and Hutt International Boys’ School negating.

The topic is: “That we should ban private healthcare”.

Debate will be held at Turnbull House, Wellington, at 7pm, followed by a light supper.

Congrats to Sacred Heart and HIBS for making it this far, and commiserations to the beaten semi-finalists, St Mary’s College and Samuel Marsden Collegiate.

Junior Premier Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the following teams for making it through to the Junior Premier semi-finals:

  • St Mary’s College
  • Sacred Heart College
  • Hutt International Boys’ School
  • Samuel Marsden Collegiate

The semi-finals are to be held on Wednesday 22 September, and St Mary’s and HIBS will be affirming “That we should farm endangered species.”



We have been receiving a few emails expressing confusion about how results are collected.  This post will hopefully clarify any issues people have been having.

First, if you are the coach of a team in Senior Premier A or Senior Premier B, do not worry about inputting results.  Results are collected and maintained by the convenors of these grades.  You do not need to send us the results.

Second, if you are  coach of a team in any of the other grades (Senior Certificate, Junior Premier, or Junior Certificate), then you need to fill out a results form, which is accessible here (the direct link is www.wsu.co.nz/results). Both teams should fill out the form.  It is vitally important that you provide the team suffix – i.e., the “1” in “Wellington College 1,” otherwise we will not know which team from your school actually won.

Third, I am aware of one or two people who cannot access the results form.  If this applies to you, then you should email your results to [email protected].  I stress that this is only for those who cannot access the results form.

Fourth, in the future, I will make a greater effort to update the website with the results after rounds.  Hopefully we will be all up to date by the end of this week, and the points table can be posted.