Premier A Round 5

Hello all
The motions for round 5 were:

  • That the Government should impose import taxes on imported goods which are produced unethically
  • That  the Government should prohibit loan sharks from making loans to borrowers at very high interest rates
  • That the welfare-recipient families whose children perform well at school should receive welfare bonuses

The results are below. The winners are noted in bold.

Premier A Round 4

Hello all

The motions for Round 4 were:

  • This house believes that all governments should end all funding for space exploration
  • This house would require all alternative medicine to carry the label “not medically proven to work”
  • This house supports the removal of all restrictions on genetically modified foods.

The results are below, with the winners marked in bold:

Premier A Round 3

Hello all

The motions for round three of Prem A were:

  • That the Emergency Contraceptive Pill should be available for free, without prescription, from all pharmacies.
  • This house would stop all government funding for health care issues that develop as a result of long term substance abuse.
  • That the sale of organs should be legalised.

The results are below. The winners are marked in bold:

Premier A Round 2

The results for round two are below. The winners of each debate are marked in bold.

Marsden Wellington High
Coll Chilton
HVHS Scots
East St Caths
St Pats St Bernard’s
St Mary’s Wellington Girls

Junior Premier – Round One

The results for Round One of Junior Premier are as follows.

Winners are listed on the left.
Sacred Heart College v Hutt International Boys’ School
St Bernard’s College v Hutt Valley High School
St Oran’s College v Chilton St James School
Tawa College v Bishop Viard College
Kapiti College v Aotea College
Wellington College v Wellington East Girls’ College
Wellington High School v St Mary’s College
St Catherine’s College v St Patrick’s College Wellington
Scots College v Queen Margaret College
Wellington Girls’ College had a BYE