Premier A Round 3

Hello all

Round 3 of Premier A will be hosted at Wellington College on Tuesday 7 May. The motions will be released at 6.30.

The results for this round were as follows. The winners are marked in bold.

Affirmative Negative
St Catherine’s College Queen Margaret College
Samuel Marsden Sacred Heart College
Chilton St James School St Pats Stream
Wellington High School St Mary’s College
Scots College St. Bernard’s College
Hutt Valley High School Wellington College
Paraparaumu College Wellington Girls College
Heretaunga College Hutt International Boys’ School

The motions for the round were:

  1. THS the legalisation of all drugs
  2. That we should not prosecute individuals or communities who apprehend criminals if they had a reasonable belief the police could not do so
    THW grant automatic name suppression to an accused, until a guilty verdict is reached

Premier A Round 2

Hello all

Premier A Round 2 is to be hosted at Wellington Girls’ College. The motion will be released at 6.30pm on Tuesday 26 March.

As previously announced, the theme for round 2 is The Environment. Results for this round will be posted as they are made available.

Premier A Round One

Hello all

Please see below for the results of Round One. The winners are marked in bold.

Affirmative Negative
St Catherine’s College Scots College
Queen Margaret College HVHS
Wellington Girl’s College Chilton St James
St Pats Stream Wellington College
Heretaunga College Wellington High School
Sacred Heart College Paraparaumu College
HIBS Samuel Marsden
St Bernard’s College St Mary’s College

Wellington Speaking Union AGM 2012

The Wellington Speaking Union AGM for 2012 was held tonight at The VUW Law School. The various reports will be uploaded here soon.

The following people were elected to positions for the 2013 year:

President – Daniel Wilson
Treasurer – Christopher Bishop
Secretary – Ella Edginton

The Union is very pleased to announce Kathy Ryan as the Union’s latest Life Member. Kathy’s contribution to Wellington debating over a period approaching two decades is has been considerable, and the strength of the Region’s debating on the national stage is undoubtedly due in large part to Kathy’s masterful administration of one of the most influential grades run by the Union. The Union would like to reiterate its appreciate for the ongoing work Kathy does for the debaters in Wellington, and their gratitude for her offering of continued service.

The Union thanks Sebastian Templeton for his work as President this year, and his many years of service across many grades of Wellington schools debating. The Union also thanks Nicholas Cross for his work as Treasurer this year.

Premier A Champions

Congratulations to Wellington College, the 2012 Champions of Premier A.

The debate was considered by the adjudicators and the audience alike as an excellent debate.

Congratulations, too, to Edward Foley from Wellington College. Edward won the Suffrage Cup, which is awarded to the  best speaker in the Grand Final. This is the second year in a row Edward has won the Suffrage Cup, and it is only the second time in the Cup’s history that the same person has won the award twice.

Congratulations to Queen Margaret’s College for reaching the Grand Final.

Stockley Cup

The Stockley Cup Public Speaking competition was held on Monday 10 September at Wellington Girls’ College, with six speakers competing in the junior section for the Dunsheath Plate, and eight speakers in the senior section for the Stockley Cup.

The range of speech topics varied from racism, feminism, the Mary Celeste, and expectations on students. The judges (Daniel Wilson, Richard D’Ath, and Duncan McLachlan) were very impressed by the quality of all the competitors’ speeches.

Junior winner

Shweta Iyer – QMC

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

Senior winner

Jessie Fenton – Wellington Girls’ College

Are we still feminists?

Premier A Grand Final

The Grand Final for 2012 will be held on Tuesday 18 September at 7.00pm, in the Wellington City Council Chambers in the Wellington Town Hall.

Congratulations to QMC and Wellington College for making it this far in the competition – all are welcome to come and support them.

Motion: This house supports binding Citizens Initiated Referendums.

Affirmative Negative

Wellington College                                 QMC

Premier A Semi Final

The results for the Quarter Final are as follows:

Winners are marked in bold

1 Wellington East v St Mary’s
2 Wellington College v HVHS
3 Scots v Wellington High
4 QMC v Chilton

Congratulations to St Mary’s, Wellington College, Scots College, and QMC for making the semi finals, and commiseration to the other quarter-finalists.

Draw for Semi Final:

Affirmative are noted on the left

1 QMC v St Mary’s
2 Scots v Wellington College

Motion: This house supports a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities

Date: Tuesday 4 September

Venue: St Mary’s College

Time: 6.30pm

Premier A Quarter Final

Congratulations to the following teams for making the Quarter Finals of Premier A 2012.

1. St Mary’s
2. Wellington College
3. Wellington High
4. Chilton
5. QMC
6. Scots College
8. Wellington East Girls College

Commiserations to St Catherine’s, who missed the break by one win point, and to all other teams who missed the break.

The draw for the Quarter Final is:

1 Wellington East v St Mary’s
2 Wellington College v HVHS
3 Scots v Wellington High
4 QMC v Chilton

The Quarter Finals will being at 6.30pm sharp at Wellington East Girls College.

The motion for the Quarter Final is: That Barack Obama has betrayed the legacy of the Nobel Peace Prize.