2014 Coaching Workshop

Last night, the Wellington Speaking Union hosted a workshop for new and returning coaches in the Wellington region. It was a very successful night, and thanks to all those who attended. A special thanks to Sarah Wilson and Nicola McFaull for hosting us, and to Chris Bishop and Stephen Whittington for running the workshop.


Chris and Steve have made available their presentation from last night, and you can find it here: The Wellington Speaking Union Coaching Guide


Watch out for more information about coaching and adjudication workshops later in the year.

2014 Adjudicator Workshop

Last night, the Wellington Speaking Union hosted a workshop for new and returning adjudicators in the Wellington region. It was a very successful night, and thanks to all those who attended. A special thanks to Kathy Ryan for hosting us and putting on a spread, and to Chris Bishop for running the workshop.


Chris has made available his presentation from last night, and you can find it here: WSU Adjudication Workshop 2014.


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week at the coaching workshop!

Wellington Speaking Union 2014

Welcome to another year of debating with the Wellington Speaking Union. We are excited for 2014, and hope that you and your students will have a great time across our various competitions.

Your school is warmly invited to enter teams in the 2014 Wellington Speaking Union intercollegiate debating grades. Below is an invitation letter that explains how the grades operate, and how to enter teams.WSU-Invitation-Letter-2014

As per previous years, your school may enter one team in the Senior Premier A grade, one team in the Senior Premier B grade, one team in the Junior Premier grade, three teams in the Senior Certificate grade, and five teams in the Junior Certificate grade. As with last year, the entry form is to be filled out online, and is available at www.wsu.co.nz/signups.

Please note that it is very important to include correct email addresses for all adjudicators and coaches, as this is the primary method of communication. Please fill out the form by Friday 14 February. You will be sent an invoice for the fees later.

Before Friday 21 February you will be emailed a finalised calendar of events (draft copy only enclosed), letters from grade convenors for coaches (including their contact details), draws and topics, and a spreadsheet containing the contact details for every team in every grade, convenors at each school, and a list of adjudicators. This information will be sent electronically to you as the convenor of debating at your school. Draws and letters will also be sent electronically to every team coach. The topics for round one will be enclosed with the grade letters and posted on the website. Here is a draft of the 2014 calendar, which can also be found here    Wellington Speaking Union Calendar – DRAFT 

Key Dates

·         Entries Close: Friday 14 February

·         Draws released: Friday 21  February

·         First rounds begin in the week starting Monday 3 March

Adjudicator and Coaching Workshops
As in previous years, we will be running workshops to help new and returning adjudicators and coaches. These evenings are an excellent opportunity to grow your skills as an adjudicator and coach, and also to grow your basic debating skills as well. We would encourage all who will be involved in adjudicating or coaching in 2014 to attend the workshops. More information will be sent our soon, but mark in your calendars:
 – Tuesday 18 February – Adjudicator’s Workshop from 6pm. Venue TBA.
 – Tuesday 25 February – Coaching Workhop from 6pm. Venue TBA.
We look forward to seeing you there

Stockley Cup and Dunsheath Plate 2013

The Stockley Cup and Dunsheath Plate Public Speaking competitions were held on Monday 21 October at Samuel Marsden Collegiate, with six speakers competing in the junior section for the Dunsheath Plate, and nine speakers in the senior section for the Stockley Cup.

The range of speech topics varied from feminism, the relationship between parents and kids, religion, and some incisive speeches on world hisory. The judges (Christopher Bishop and Daniel Wilson) were very impressed by the quality of all the competitors’ speeches.
The competition continues to grow in strength and size each year, which is a testament to the talent and hard work of speakers in the Wellington region.
The Winner of the Dunsheath Plate was Finn Lowndes from St Patrick’s Kilbirnie. Finn’s speech was entitled The Eyes are a Window to the Soul.

The Winder of the Stockley Cup was Aleks Noble-Campbell, also of St Patrick’s Kilbirnie. Aleks’ speech was entitled Polish Gehenna.
Congratulations to these, and all speakers again for an excellent night of speaking. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Impromptu Cup 2013

The Wellington Speaking Union Impromptu Cup for senior and junior students was held on Sunday 15 September at Wellington Girls’ College. It was a great day of debating.

Ten teams entered the senior section. After three rounds of debating followed by semi-finals, the Grand Final featured Wellington College  against Hutt International Boys School. Eventually HIBS were the winners in 2-1 split decision, after successfully negating the motion “this house would tie a politician’s salary to the average national income”.

Congrats to Liam Dennis and Alisdair Armstong who win the IMPS Trophy, and commiserations to Jack Garden and Barnaby McIntosh.

Tens teams entered the junior section. The Grand Final was between Wellington High School and a Scots College composite team, with Wellington High School eventually prevailing after affirming “this house would legalise voluntary euthanasia”.

Congrats to Shakked Noy and who win the Evening Post Cup – the second year in a row this has been won by High.

Congratulations to Jack Garden, who was best speaker for the tournament, and to Shakked Noy who was best speaker in the Junior grade. Congratulations, too, to Peter from Scots College for winning a Promising Speaker award.

Thanks to all those who judged during the tournament, and to Wellington Girls’ College for hosting.

Premier A Champions are Wellington High School

Congratulations to Wellington High School on winning Premier A for 2013. This is the first time that Wellington High School has won Premier A since 1996, and their success is testament to years of hard work by the team and their supporters.

The debate was of the highest quality, and enjoyed by adjudicators and audience alike. Thanks to all those who attended – the final continues to grow in popularity, and this keenness for debating in Wellington is truly what fosters the success of the region.

Congratulations to Wellington College for making the final. A final congratulations to Ailidh Leslie for winning the Suffrage Cup for the Best Speaker in the Grand Final.

Thanks to all the adjudicators, coaches, convenors, and teams for what has been another great year of Premier A Debating.

Premier A Grand Final

The Grand Final for Premier A 2013 will be held on Tuesday 10 September, in the Mokopuna Room, of the Wharewaka Function Centre (15 Jervois Quay). Information for the venue can be found here: http://www.wharewakaoponeke.co.nz/

The debate will start at 7pm sharp, with doors opening at 6.30pm.

Congratulations to Wellington College and Wellington High School for making the final. All are welcome to attend the final to support their team and watch what promises to be a high-quality debate.  There will be refreshments served at the conclusion of the debate.

The motion for the Grand Final is: This house would prohibit all academic streaming in schools. Wellington College will affirm, Wellington High School will negate.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Premier A Semi Final 2013

Congratulations to the following teams for making the Semi Final of Prem A 2013:

Wellington High School
Wellington College
Sacred Heart

The Semi Finals will be held at 6.30 on Tuesday 27 August at Wellington College. The motions will be announced at 6.30 sharp.

The affirmative team is listed on the left, the negative on the right.

Sacred Heart v Wellington College
Wellington High School v QMC

Topic area: International Relations

All teams are welcome to attend the semi finals. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Premier A and B break rounds

The dates for the Semi and Grand Final of Premier A are as follows:

Semi Final: Tuesday 27 August 2013
Grand Final: Tuesday 10 September

The dates for the Quarter, Semi, and Grand Final of Premier  are as follows:

Quarter Finals: Tuesday 6 August
Semi Finals: Tuesday 20 August
Grand Final: Tuesday 3 September
The venues and topic areas will be announced separately. If there are any questions, please contact the grade convenors.

Premier A Break 2013

Congratulations to all teams for an excellent quality tournament so far this year. We are breaking eight teams to a quarter final stage. These teams are:

1. Sacred heart College
2. Queen Margaret College
3. Wellington High School
4. Wellington College
5. St Catherine’s College
6. Chilton
7. Scots College
8. St Mary’s College

Congratulations to these teams, and commiserations to all the other teams in the tournament.

The quarter final will be hosted at St Mary’s College, on Tuesday 30 July at 7.00pm. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

The draw for the quarter final is below, with the affirmative listed on the left:

St Mary’s College v Sacred Heart College
Queen Margaret College v Scots College
Chilton v Wellington High School

St Catherines’ College v Wellington College

The final points table can be found here: http://www.wsu.co.nz/premier-a-grade