Stockley Cup and Dunsheath Plate 2015


Dunsheath 2015
Judy Haulahan and Seema Singh
Stockley 2015
Terena Federico and Judy

This years Stokley Cup and Dunsheath Plate were both held at Marsden last week.

With 20 speeches over the course of the night we had a great turn out and a terrific competition. As ever, speeches were very diverse, with topics ranging from international relations, to child care and, weather we all live inside the Matrix.

The winner of the Dunsheath Plate was Seema Singh (pictured) From Sacred Heart for ‘Two Arms, Two Legs.’ Second and third place went to Sophia Pope from Kapiti College and Pheonix Dingle from St Mary’s respectively.

This years Stockley Cup was awarded to Terena Federico (pictured) from St Catherine’s College for her speech ‘Reconstructing my Father.’ Special mention goes to runners up Natalie Shackleton from Sacred Heart, Mira Karunanidhi from Queen Margaret’s College and, Sam Porta from HIBS.

Wellington Speaking Union would like to extend a big thanks to Marsden for hosting and also to Judy Houlahan for judging the competition.

We hope to see you next year!


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