Impromptu Cup 2014

The Wellington Speaking Union Impromptu Cup for senior and junior students was held on Sunday 15 June at Wellington Girls’ College. It was a great day of debating.

Twelve teams entered the Senior section – the largest number that has ever entered the competition. After four rounds of debating, the Grand Final featured Hutt Valley High School against Hutt International Boys School. Eventually HVHS were the winners in an unanimous decision, after successfully negating the motion This house would ban negative advertisements in political campaigns.

Congrats to Ned Grenfell and Austin Sutherland who win the IMPS Trophy, and commiserations to Liam Denis and Alisdair Armstrong.

Nine teams entered Junior section. The Grand Final was between Wellington College and St Mary’s, with Wellington College eventually prevailing after affirming This house would legalise voluntary euthanasia.

Congrats to Andy and Michael and who win the Evening Post Cup.

Congratulations to Liam Denis from HIBS, who was best speaker for the tournament, and to Andy from Wellington College who was best speaker in the Junior grade.

Thanks to all those who judged during the tournament, and to Wellington Girls’ College for hosting.

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