Stockley Cup and Dunsheath Plate 2013

The Stockley Cup and Dunsheath Plate Public Speaking competitions were held on Monday 21 October at Samuel Marsden Collegiate, with six speakers competing in the junior section for the Dunsheath Plate, and nine speakers in the senior section for the Stockley Cup.

The range of speech topics varied from feminism, the relationship between parents and kids, religion, and some incisive speeches on world hisory. The judges (Christopher Bishop and Daniel Wilson) were very impressed by the quality of all the competitors’ speeches.
The competition continues to grow in strength and size each year, which is a testament to the talent and hard work of speakers in the Wellington region.
The Winner of the Dunsheath Plate was Finn Lowndes from St Patrick’s Kilbirnie. Finn’s speech was entitled The Eyes are a Window to the Soul.

The Winder of the Stockley Cup was Aleks Noble-Campbell, also of St Patrick’s Kilbirnie. Aleks’ speech was entitled Polish Gehenna.
Congratulations to these, and all speakers again for an excellent night of speaking. We look forward to seeing you next year.

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