Inaugural Wellington BP Champs

On the weekend the Wellington Speaking Union held the inaugural Wellington BP Debating Champs, which will hopefully become an annual fixture. Twelve teams entered the tournament, which was held at Wellington High School. It was great to see a mixture of university debaters, secondary school debaters, and adult debaters all debating in the tournament.

After three rounds, the top four teams contested the final: Asher Emanuel & Jodie O’Neill, Nick Cross & Aric Shakur, Ihaia Tichborne & Tyrone Barugh, and Joe Connell & Cameron Price.

The Grand Final topic was: “This House would implement a statutory discount for sentences decided by judges and juries for criminals from historically oppressed racial minorities.” After a great debate, the Closing Government team – Nick Cross & Aric Shakur – were declared the winners in a 2-1 decision.

The top five speakers of the tournament were:

1. Asher Emanuel
2. Joe Connell
3. Udayan Mukherjee
4. Jodie O’Neill
5= Aric Shakur
5= Cameron Price

Thanks to all who entered, and to Christopher Bishop, Stephen Whittington and Richard D’Ath who acted as judges over the course of the day.

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