Premier A Round 3

Hello all

Round 3 of Premier A will be hosted at Wellington College on Tuesday 7 May. The motions will be released at 6.30.

The results for this round were as follows. The winners are marked in bold.

Affirmative Negative
St Catherine’s College Queen Margaret College
Samuel Marsden Sacred Heart College
Chilton St James School St Pats Stream
Wellington High School St Mary’s College
Scots College St. Bernard’s College
Hutt Valley High School Wellington College
Paraparaumu College Wellington Girls College
Heretaunga College Hutt International Boys’ School

The motions for the round were:

  1. THS the legalisation of all drugs
  2. That we should not prosecute individuals or communities who apprehend criminals if they had a reasonable belief the police could not do so
    THW grant automatic name suppression to an accused, until a guilty verdict is reached

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