Connell/Mukherjee win Vic Shield 2013

Last night the WSU held the Victoria Shield impromptu debating competition for 2013 at Wellington High School.

The winners were Joe Connell and Udayan Mukherjee, who defeated Victoria University (Asher Emanuel and Jodie O’Neill) in the Grand Final in a 4-1 decision.

The topics for each round are below.

Round One:

  • That major sports should be broadcast free to air
  • That we should ban alcohol sponsorship of sport in NZ

Round Two:

  • That gay pride marches’ (like the Hero parade) time has passed
  • This House would mandate the use of condoms in pornography

Round Three:

  • That the Treaty settlement process has failed urban Maori
  • That there should be a lower minimum wage for Maori and other minorities

Grand Final:

  • That on the 10 year anniversary of the Iraq War, this House regrets the War
  • That the West should aggressively fund de-Stalinisation programs in Russia run by NGOs.

Thanks to all who took part.

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