Parliamentary Shield 2011

Parliamentary Shield 2011 was held on Saturday 4 June at Victoria University. Six teams entered the tournament, and the standard was exceptionally high, with Australs and Worlds finalists making up a number of teams.

Three rounds of debates were held, after which the leaderboard looked as follows:

  • Team Waikato (Christopher Bishop, Josh Baxter, Stephen Whittington) – 3 wins
  • Team Coll Boys (Seb Templeton, Richard D’Ath, Udayan Mukherjee) – 2 wins
  • Team Cup Runneth Over (Jenna Raeburn, Hugh McCaffrey, Clodagh O’Connor-McKenna) – 2 wins
  • Vic Two (Asher Emanuel, Paul Smith, Holly Jenkins) – 1 win
  • Vic Three (Alex Sinclair, Olivia Hall, Eddie Foley) – 1 win
  • Team Naustrals (Duncan McLachlan, Aric Shakur, Cameron Price) – 0 wins

The top two teams progressed through to the Grand Final on the motion “That benefit payments should be tied to children’s health and education outcomes”. Team Waikato (affirming) took on the Coll Boys after they narrowly edged out “Cup Runneth Over” on speaker points.

After an excellent debate, the Chief Adjudicator Polly Higbee declared that Team Waikato were the winners, in a 2-1 split decision.

The best speaker of the tournament, winning the Ben O’Connor Plate, was Stephen Whittington.

Thanks to Polly Higbee, Daniel Wilson and Johanna McDavitt for adjudicating during the weekend, and everyone to entering.

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