Vic Shield 2011

On Saturday 16 April, the Wellington Speaking Union will be holding Victoria Shield, an impromptu debating competition. It is run in the Easters style, and is open to all to enter. Entry is free. Past winners can be found here.
There will be four rounds, semis, and a final.  It will not be knock out as in previous years, but instead will be power-paired.  We are hoping to get a very strong adjudication team, and there has even been some interest from outside Wellington.
Unfortunately at this point we cannot confirm where it will be held. We can confirm that it will start at 10 AM. After the final, there will be likely be a BYO dinner arranged.
Please email Stephen Whittington by Wednesday 13th April if you are interested in debating or adjudicating.  For those interested in debating, please email your partner’s name as well.

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