Chilton win Junior Premier Grade

The Junior Premier Grade Grand Final for 2009 was held on Tuesday 27 October, with Chilton Saint James School defeating Wellington College to win the W G T Wiggs Trophy.

The Chilton team of Kerry McNulty, Jenna Thompson and Gabrielle You beat Wellington College’s Thomas Leggat, Edward Foley and Chris Smol on the topic “This House would abolish the minimum wage” by a 3-0 margin. Wellington College affirmed the motion and Chilton negated.

Gabrielle Young from Chilton was named the best speaker of the Grand Final. Congratulations and thanks also go to the two coaches – Marisa Gale from Chilton and Thomas Mitchell from Wellington College, both of whom have given up a huge amount of time to coach their teams through the five preliminary and four knockout rounds of debating.

The adjudication panel for the final comprised Victoria Papadopoulos (Scots College), Halina McDonald (St Patrick’s College, Wellington) and Maria Hubbard (St Catherine’s College).

This is the first time Chilton has won the grade since 1995 – when Kathy Ryan, the current grade convenor, was coaching. Interestingly Halina McDonald, who judged the final, was a member of the winning St Cath’s team that won in 1974, the first year the cup was presented!

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