Nga Tawa win Senior Premier B Grade

The Premier B Grade Grand Final for 2009 was held at the Turnbull House in downtown Wellington and saw Nga Tawa Diocesan School,  in only their second year competing in WSU competitions, win the prestigious Fred McComish Trophy.

The Premier B grade this year was the largest in recent memory, with 22 teams competing for the trophy from around Wellington and all the way up to Marton.

The Nga Tawa team of Charlotte Legge, Brooke Cox, and Megan Burney beat Samuel Marsden’s Olivia Norling, Stephanie Dawson, and Stephanie van Geete on the topic “This House believes that parents have a right to smack their children”. Marsden affirmed the motion and Nga Tawa  negated.

Nga Tawa’s Megan Burney was named the best speaker of the Grand Final. All six speakers are all to be congratulated for an exceptional debate. Congratulations and thanks also go to the two coaches – John Worthington from Nga Tawa and Marg Adeane from Marsden, both of whom have given up a huge amount of time to coach their teams through the five preliminary and four knockout rounds of debating.

The entire Nga Tawa team are in year 12, and so their presence in Prem A next year will be much anticipated.

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