Clouston/Miller win Vic Shield 2009

Last night the Victoria Sheld impromptu debating tournament was held at Victoria University. Eight highly competitive teams started the tournament, which ran on a knock-out basis.

The semi-finals featured veterans Ranald Clouston and Neil Miller against up-and-coming Vic debaters Udayan Mukherjee and Paul Smith, with Clouston and Miller prevailing in a 2-1 decision, arguing that neo-liberalism has had its day. In the other debate Richard D’Ath and Kathy Scott-Dowell defeated Seb Templeton and Ella Edginton, arguing that privatisation is not the answer.

The Grand Final was an interesting and close debate on whether or not people should eat meat. In the end the affirmative arguments about the unsustainability of modern agriculture, the growing world food shortage, and the immorality of eating animals won the day and Clouston and Miller were declared the victors in a 4-1 split decision.

Thanks to the adjudicators of the evening: Jenna Raeburn, Yogesh Patel, and Matt Cuthell and to everyone for entering.

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