Victoria Shield 2009

The Victoria Shield is an impromptu debating competition open to anyone in Wellington. It is organised by the Wellington Speaking Union and has been run since 1969. For a list of past winners, see
The tournament is run in Easters style (teams of two, a coin toss to determine topic and sides and then 3 minutes to prepare). Speaking times are 4-6 minutes with 2-3 minute summaries.
This year the tournament will be held on Thursday 17 September in the Student Union Building at Victoria University of Wellington (Kelburn campus) from 6.30pm. It is a knock-out tournament, so once you lose, you are out. All the debates take place on the same evening. The winners receive, appropriately, the Victoria Shield.
To enter, please email [email protected] by Tuesday 15 September at 5pm. There is a team cap of 16. Teams will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. There is no cost to enter.
If you are interested in judging, please also email [email protected]

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