Senior Certificate Grade – Round Three Results

Here are the results from round three of the Senior Certificate Grade, held on Thursday 28 May and Thursday 4 June.

Winning teams in bold.

Wellington Pool

Wellington College 2 v St Mary’s College 2
Scots College 3 v Samuel Marsden Collegiate 1
Scots College 2 v Wellington Girls’ College 1
Wellington East Girls’ College 1
v Wellington Girls’ College 3
Samuel Marsden Collegiate 3 v St Catherine’s College
Wellington College 1
v St Patrick’s College Wellington 1
Scots College 1 v St Patrick’s College Wellington 2
Wellington East Girls’ College 2 v St Mary’s College 1
Wellington Girls’ College 2
v Queen Margaret College 2
Samuel Marsden Collegiate 2 v Wellington College 3
Queen Margaret College 1 – BYE

Valley/Northern Pool

Aotea College v St Patrick’s College Silverstream 1
Tawa College 2 v Newlands College 1
Newlands College 2 v Chilton St James School 1
St Orans College 1 v Sacred Heart College
Bishop Viard College
v Hutt International Boys’ School 2
Onslow College 1 v Heretaunga College
Tawa College 1 v Samuel Marsden – Whitby 1
St Orans College 2 v Samuel Marsden – Whitby 2
Onslow College 2 v Taita College 1
St Bernard’s College v Tawa College 3
St Patrick’s College Silverstream 2 v Hutt International Boys’ School 1
Porirua College
v Taita College 2
Chilton St James School 2 – BYE

Click here for the points table after three rounds.

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